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Off-the-shelf Laboratory System

Built For Laboratories

The General LIMS project, motivated by digital transformation in this industry, aims to deliver a highly configurable system, one with which you can build a clean, efficient, and scalable LIMS to empower your organization.

Agile Implementation

By eliminating the costly and lengthy customization, General LIMS is deployed as a virtual appliance, installed on your premises or your private cloud. We offer you a 60-day free trial that boosts your confidence to implement.

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Truly configurable

We've built the tools, and laid the framework, from which you can configure the system to meet your unique needs.
Learn about configuration

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Design with flexibility in mind

You know your business the best. General LIMS provides you the tools to improve your data management continuously.
Learn about flexibility

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Scalable with simplified user management

Built with great scalability. As your organization evolves, your LIMS expands seamlessly with the granular access control.
Learn about scalability

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Rapid deployment

Deployed as a virtual machine. General LIMS can be hosted on the platform under your control. You will set up and use General LIMS via web browser.
Learn about deployment

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Most cost effective solution

Transparent pricing policy. No start-up fee, no implementation consultation fee.
Learn about pricing

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Dashboard, regulatory compliance and more

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Risk mitigation for clients

How does it work?

Apply a free trial

An email with the service portal link will be sent to you.

Download server image file

Follow the link and instructions in the email.

Install and initialize

Create the virtual instance and set up the server.

Configure and explore

Configure it to fit your needs, explore all the functionalities.

Purchase the license

No obligation attached if you opt to discontinue the trial.

General LIMS offers 60-day trial for free.

Get started

We will stand by you during the entire process. Your success is our success.

Build your own LIMS


1As a prerequisite, You must have a host machine ready to create an instance, or you have an account on the Cloud service provider, capable of launching an instance and attaching a storage volume.

2Apply a free trial from General LIMS. You will be contacted by email to instruct you how to proceed after you submit the request,

3Following the instructions, you will be directed to download the virtual appliance image file.

4Create the instance using the existing VM image, which you downloaded from General LIMS.

5Attach a data volume to the system. The data volume is used for database, and user files.

6Once the VM is up and running, initialize the General LIMS server. Refer to Initialization of General LIMS server

7At the end of initialization, create a System Administrator account and log in to the General LIMS web application with the account.


Overview of implementation

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