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General LIMS server initialization.

When General LIMS starts the first time after you create the virtual machine instance, you will need to initialize the server via a web browser. Enter the address of the server, either the domain name or it's IP address in the address bar to start the process.

By default, the web server has a self-signed HTTPS/TLS certificate configured. So a warning message will be shown that the website is not trusted. You can ignore this warning by proceed to use this connection.


This is the first step, upload the General LIMS license. You can continue to set up the rest of the configuration after the license is verified and saved.

Secure Shell access

In order to gain control of the server, you will need to inject your SSH key into the server. So you can use SSH client to access the system. You will need to confirm you are able to access the system before you proceed to other settings.

Data disk

General LIMS requires a virtual disk installed for the database during initialization. Before this takes place, a virtual disk shall be attached to this General LIMS server.

Click the Data disk tab, the system will show you the disks currently available in the system. Click the button to mount the disk. If you are recovering system from the database backup, you shall check Disaster recovery box.

It may take a while for the system to create the file system. Once the data disk is mounted successfully, you can proceed to set up the rest configurations

Host name

This is optional. You can specify the hostname, that is unique across your network. The change of host name requires system reboot, so you will experience a brief interruption.

HTTP/TLS certificate

By default, the web server runs with a self-signed TLS certificate. You are recommended have a Certificate Authority signed certificate installed. The system will automatically generate a new self-signed certificate when the server starts the first time, or the certificate is near expiration.

In order to have a CA signed certificate, you need to generate Certificate Signing Request. Fill the form and submit by clicking the button Create Certificate Signing Request. Then you can download the CSR and have your CA signed the CSR. The CA will send you the Certificate.

The certificate usually comes with a bundle. You shall concatenate the files with your domain certificate at the top, followed by the intermediate and root certificate.

Time zone

Time zone is used to display and interpret the time stamp, both on the Operation system level and the database level. On General LIMS server, the OS and database use the same time zone.

Enter the country or city name to search the proper time zone name. For instance, you enter Canada, the system will present the time zones related to Canada, then you click set. The system will set it as your time zone.


You are ready to create the system administrator account in the General LIMS system if the data disk is mounted and the database is up and running. With this account, you can create more user accounts and branches. Once you click the button General LIMS to start the system, you will be led to the log in page. You can configure the Time zone and HTTPS/TLS after you log in the system.

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