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A Lean Enterprise System with Comprehensive Features

Next-level configurability

Set it up to suit your needs, from sample logging, data entry to report making, all by yourself.

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Modern Laboratory Operation System

Clean Web App

Use the browser to access the system. All the tasks are performed via the browser.

No software installation on the clients' device.


  • Lab personnel can see their job assignment when they sign in.
  • Lab managers can see the work-load sorted by user and by task.
  • Statistics of sample throughput, turn-around time.
  • Charting of the KPI, in a specified time frame and sample category.

Full Control

Obtain the full control of the server after installation.

Server and data is always under your custody.

Sustained access to your data with General LIMS application without license.

Cost-effective and low risk

No start-up cost, you try the REAL product you will have.

A fraction of the price a mainstream LIMS vendor.

Continual access to the data with the General LIMS application, after the license expired.

See General LIMS pricing for details.

Quality Control Program

Designed to meet regulatory requirements.

Facilitate the storage of the Quality Control activities.

Retrieve and present the metrics, such as accuracy, reproducibility, and linearity.

Instrument/material Management

Facilitate the management of the calibration, verification and maintenance of the instruments and controlled material.

Track and present the record efficiently to meet regulatory compliance.


Users' privilege can be defined as Read, Write, and No access. Users' access can also be restricted to a specific object.

This approach works very well when the number of users grows and the number of objects grows.

With the unparalleled configurability, the system can grow smoothly without overhaul.

Client portal

This function is to serve the internal or external clients. For external clients, this service will be hosted in the public domain.

The clients can:

  • View the progress of the tests they submitted
  • Download the report
  • Print the tests request form
  • Communicate with the lab service provider

Fast deployment

With the unrivaled configurability, General LIMS is deployed as an off-shelf software.

Create the virtual instance from the image file downloaded from General LIMS.

Initialize the server and your are ready to go.

Specification management

Specify the range of the testing result. The sample with results out of the range will be flagged.

The specification can apply to a certain type of sample, or samples based on different values of the same attribute.

Administrative tools

Facilitate the backup and recovery of the data.

System state monitor.

TLS/HTTPS certificate and license management.

Continual improvement

A secure and efficient approach, similar as our desktop operation system.

Built-in function to update the system.

System update enables rapid fix.

Featuring a manual update method.

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