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Off-the-shelf Laboratory System

About us

Who we are

Founded by Sheldon Zeng in Alberta, Canada. General LIMS offers a revolutionary data management solution in the industry.

General LIMS provides customers virtual appliance software to download and install, as well as supporting customers to implement and operate the system.

What sets us apart

Traditional LIMS vendors require customers to spend an enormous amount of resources on implementation and consultation, despite how configurable they claimed to be. However, with General LIMS, Customers will have a free trial to have the first hand experience to test and use the system. Laboratory professionals can configure the system to suit their needs, whether the business is manufacturing, research, or service focused.

General LIMS deploys as a virtual appliance, which makes it possible to get the system installed in a fast and cost-effective way. You can get the system up and running within hours, provided your IT infrastructure is ready.

What we take pride in, General LIMS is a continuously improved system. System update is just a few clicks away.

What we believe

A sound Laboratory Information Management System can make significant difference in a lot of organizations, from a pharmaceutical company to a water treatment plant.

We create value to our customers, so our customers can get best return on investment to achieve their business goals.

Our customer's success is our success.

Mailing address

General LIMS Inc.
PO# 25582
RPO Callaghan, Edmonton
Alberta Canada T6W 4N8

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