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Off-the-shelf Laboratory System

The world is changing constantly, and so are the companies and organizations alike. General LIMS meets this challenge by localized user management, coupled with granular access control.

User account is assigned with read or/and write privilege on a certain object.A picture showing a tree with a lot branches and leafs The system consists of many branches, with each branch controlling its own user account. General LIMS' access control makes user management never easier. As a result, when a new function/task is needed in your organization, the new branch may be created to suit the needs.

With General LIMS, a sample registration form or data entry form can be easily created when you need one. All the data will be managed within the branch, and controlled by branch administrator. The management burden is minimal since each branch is self-governed. At the same time, migration, revocation, and assignment of an account can be achieved by a few clicks.

Since General LIMS is an off-the-shelf software solution to the laboratories, it enables the large corporations to configure their system at their own pace. It accommodates the growth of the organization, not only with the user accounts, but also with the business segments.

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