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Off-the-shelf Laboratory System

Every laboratory is different in some ways and every industry has its inherent requirements. All of these bring daunting challenges when it comes to develop an off-the-shelf Laboratory Information System. After a decade of hard work, we are committed to delivering a system that is fully configurable to meet your unique needs.

Getting the sample registered is just the starting point.A picture showing a sample registration form and two tubes of blood sample General LIMS makes it fully configurable.

First of all, list all the information you want to keep in the record, from which you can create a sample registration form. You may have different types of samples that require different forms, so you will have multiple registration forms.

To eliminate redundant information across your system, you may organize frequently used information as a long or short list. You can share this information across different registration forms.

Input of results is another core functionality.A picture showing two lab personnel working instrument and samples General LIMS provides you the ability to create a data entry form, which is the place you can enter or transfer the results.

You will need to define the name and data type of the result. You can specify the other properties of the results as well, such as unit of the result, method utilized, detection limit, and constraints of the results, etc.

Reporting is configurable as well.A picture showing a computer screen with a lot of charts and data With General LIMS, you can retrieve all the information you need, organized in the way specified in the report template. You can create the report template to fit different senarios.

The output can be either in pdf format or tabulated web page format.

With General LIMS, you can define the specification of the results. So, the sample can be flagged or verdicted after the results are entered in the system. You can configure a quality control program to accommodate SOP requirements or compliance.

No two companies are the same, and most businesses evolve over time. General LIMS is the solution to those challenges. So that our customers are self-sufficient to configure the system to meet their needs continuously.

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