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Off-the-shelf Laboratory System

It will take a lot of trial and error to build an ideal sample registration form and data entry form.A picture showing a scissor cutting a piece of paper General LIMS provides the flexibility to tune up your design continuously. Even when the system is in production mode, the system allows you to continue the improvement of the forms, as long as the data loss is not occurred.

There are some functionalities you may not need, but these won't cause user frictions. The application is neat in and out, and all the functionalities are integrated naturally. It fits small businesses as well as the large corporations.

General LIMS can be hosted on your premises, and the system can be updated and improved by online service or manual installation, depending on your organization's firewall security policy.

You pay for the subscription you need. As your user number grows, you can also purchase additional Seats to meet your needs.

By default, General LIMS implements self-signed TLS/SSL certificate, however you are recommended have a certificate signed by a Certificate Authority. General LIMS provides you the interface to general a Certificate Signing Request, with which you have CA signed and upload to the system.

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