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Off-the-shelf Laboratory System

Built for regulatory compliance

With Dashboard, The lab manager can view the work in process, either sorted by assignment, or by the task. The operator can see the tasks assigned to him/her. In addition, you can get the statistics of the lab operations, and some Key Performance Indicators, such as sample throughput and turn-around time within a specified period of time.

General LIMS is built with Continuous Improvement function. You can either set up an automatic update, or install the update package manually. Improvement of the system is just a few clicks away.

Data backup and disaster recovery is another important part of General LIMS. The administrator will need to create a virtual machine as a host for data backup.A picture showing a tool box with a variaty of tools in it The SSH credential to access the backup host is needed when you setup the data backup. In case of the worst happened, General LIMS is capable of recovering from the data achieved.

General LIMS is built for compliance in Quality Management. You can configure Quality Control program, which can preserve and demonstrate the records that the lab operation is of integrity and defendable.

The system preserves the history of the records, and implements a robust access control.

General LIMS comes with Instrument, equipment, and standards management. You can register the items, and log all the controlled activities into the system, such as calibration, verification, and other activities. The system will remind the operator if the required service is due.

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