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Off-the-shelf Laboratory System

Supported Virtual Machine Platforms

As an off-the-shelf solution to laboratories, General LIMS is a self-contained virtual appliance, and the instance runs a Linux operation system. You install the appliance on the infrastructure under your control, and define the access and security policy.

General LIMS's virtual machine image can be installed on the following type of virtualization platform.

Contact us if your platform is not on the list, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

When you receive a license file, you will be prompted to download the virtual appliance image file of your choice.

To install the virtual appliance, you will need to import the image file to the host machine, and setup the instance, see Create the instance for detail. You will need to attach a data disk to the virtual appliance, and the data disk will host the database and user file.

Finally, start the virtual machine, and activate General LIMS. You will need to access the virtual machine to setup the system, such as hostname, time zone, system administrator account, TLS/SSL certificate, and mounting the data disk etc. You will be redirect to General LIMS web application when the required system setting is complete.

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