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Off-the-shelf Laboratory System

System Requirements

The resources provisioned for the VM will affect the performance of the system. However, on most platforms, you can increase the storage capacity, CPU, and memory resources after the instance is created.

The following is the typical settings for a 80 users system. We recommend more resources for increased number of users.

A minimum of 10 GB virtual disk is required when it comes to initialize the virtual machine server.

For a use case that a lot of user files are uploaded to the system, it will require a large data disk.

You can monitor the disk usage in the web application, with which you can see the disk usage history chart. It is the system administrator's responsibility to prevent the data disk getting full.

General LIMS web application requires a desktop/laptop with modern browser. The application is optimized for a mobile device, however, a device with bigger screen will offer better user experience when you process a large data set.

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